Green Tea!

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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green There are many health benefits of Green Tea. Our green tea patches good for Weight Loss, Health, & Diet. Order your FREE SAMPLE of GreenTea today! Oprah Winfrey loves green tea!  Green teas plus information on harvesting, preparation, and the health benefits of tea.

Green tea has many health benefits, including lowering your cholesterol, boosting your immune system and helping to prevent cavities and tooth decay when drinking it.  A compound called EGCG in green tea is said to prevent cancer cells from growing.  

Green tea extract is common in many fat burning applications because it aids in thermogenesis, the metabolism of fat. It does not increase the heart rate so is very safe. Dieters like this because they get the weight loss without jitters and other side effects. Green tea extract itself is the key ingredient to our weight loss program.  It is safe, and the Chinese has been using it for thousands of years!

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